I’m Only Human: I can do it wait…no I can’t?

10 May

We’re all friends here right at The Purple Kookie Jar? Well even if we’re not I like to pretend  we are. I love my faithful readers (mostly friends) who come up and tell me what they think about my blogs (or Facebook or twitter me p.s. that’s what the comment box is for…I’m just saying). They laugh with me and give me advice on what I should write next or express how I should touch on issues. So for the next few blogs  will be on relationships.

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I’m Only Human Series

10 May

It’s that time again for a real post. Not to say that any of my post aren’t real but I wanted to keep this blog fun and light hearted but there are times when that just isn’t possible. I want this blog to be as real as possible and I can’t do that if I’m not real about who I am on here at least some of the time. So the only option I have is to keep it real and 100. I will be posting random thoughts about me and life in general here more often. I will get back to coming at celebrities heads when I feel lead to but right now I just want to share me with you. Is that alright? Now keep in mind I’m an artist and  I’m sensitive about my shyt. I’m perfectly fine with you not agreeing with me or even understanding where I’m coming from but at the least respect it. That is all. Now on to my point… Continue reading

I’m back!!!

14 Apr

Ok OK…I know I have been missing in action for a long time…I moved things over to a new blog and then decided I was coming back to this one. Anyway…I’m going to reform this blog…this will be my random thoughts blog. I will still talk about Celebrities from time to time but I’m looking forward to talking about other things that are important to me and that I think would be important to other people…


I hope you guys are as excited as I am!!!



Bishop…you got some explaining to do….

23 Sep

So I said I wouldn’t really comment on this but after watching this link I saw posted on twitter last night I had to. Although this woman’s rant is some what out of line(and if you are at work turn the volume down cuz she is explicit) she is right and a lot of what she says I agree with. I have never been a big fan of Bishop Eddie Long and even if the allegations turn out the be false I will still not be a big fan. He is not really my cup of tea…but that Joyce Meyers…that’s my G…anyway

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Ill Na Na

26 Jul

Foxy Foxy Foxy….smh

I love me some Foxy but this fuckery…pop the hood for more

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Oh the Fate of the Black Woman

26 Jul

Am I the only one noticing that within the last few months there have been numerious articles, media reports, summits, and statitics about single Black woman? Surely I can not be the only one wondering why the media has taken such a liking to us, or should I say disliking to us. Because every report has been negative. Each and every last one of the reports I have read or seen has been about how Black woman are not marrying at the same rate as White woman, Black woman are highly educated but can’t find a man, Black woman are least likely to get married blah blah blah womp womp. So I made a list of all the reason that were listed in the media outlets as to why we as Black woman can’t find a man.

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8 Jun

People who know me very well, know that I am a Jimmy Drizzy Drake fan. I was rooting for him back in 07/08 when I first heard Comeback Season and Room for Improvement. I fell in love with him then and still love his big-headed ass now. However, he really upset ME the other day with this foolishness….

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